Scope of Dentists In India

Have you given your NEET UG exam?

Are you wondering whether i should opt for BDS in India or should i take MBBS in India?

This post will surely help you clearify everything you need to know about dentistry in India and its scope.

When I first gave my entrance exams almost 8 years back, that time there was no NEET there used to be MHT-CET. I couldn't get into MBBS the first time, so i had to reappear MHT-CET the second time, but i still couldn't get into MBBS.

So finally i had to take up BDS.

My parents and friends used to say, "Dentistry has a lot of money. See the guy in our society, he already earns a lot. No night shifts, nothing."

Well to clear your doubts whether you should take dentistry in India or not read below...

Today when i passed out from my college, I didn't have anyone in my house who was a dentist. 

So if that is the case, and if you are not financially very strong, I strictly would not advice new students to pursue this  career..

..want to know, why?

  • No body really pays you once you pass out
  • Setting up of your own clinic takes a lot of money
  • You cannot stop at BDS level.
  • If you are not financially strong, you really need to crack a govt seat if you want to pursue MDS
If you didn't understand let me explain.

Once you pass out and become a dentist. You have 2 options either you can study further or you can work.

If you decide to work you cannot earn more than 10,000/- per month, if you dont have your clinic. If you do locum or join any college. Starting salary would be anywhere between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000/-

Whereas if you do MBBS and pass out you can expect anywhere from Rs. 50,000/- and above per month.

That's the harsh reality.

Even if you pursue MDS after doing BDS, your starting salary on joining any institution would be from 30,000.

The only way for you to earn money from BDS profession, is to have your own clinic.

If you are financially weak and no body in your house is a dentist, I strictly warn you NOT to take up this profession.

Since, this post is really about scope of dentist in India, I'll even talk about earning capabilities if you start your own practice
Let me show you some assuming you can just do 5 implants in a month. Per implant ranges approximately Rs. 50,000, so 5 implants in a month easily makes you Rs. 2.5 lakhs

Ofcourse there will be other patients who would need other treatments, so scope after having a clinic in India is very high. 

This earning is not possible from a plain MBBS point of view.

I hope this post was helpful.

If you still want to know anything, please feel free to comment below. Don't forget to share this post to your friends, so they can save their career.

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