Are Deemed Universities Worth Taking MDS?

Many students these days want to do MDS.

So the question which matters is..

Are deemed universities WORTH taking MDS seat?

To find out keeping reading..

These days MDS is only possible if you crack NEET MDS. If you have studied you can easily get into government colleges for doing MDS.

Any rank rank between 1 to 350 can expect a clinical seat in a government college for MDS.

Now those who have scored above 1500 rank, you can expect a seat in a deemed university, as you won't be getting a seat in a government college.

Few things to note about deemed universities...

  • Firstly deemed universities have fees varying from Rs. 10 lakhs to 17.5 lakhs per year. So students who dont want to repeat NEET MDS have a budget can think of taking a seat in a deemed university
  • Few Deemed universities pay a great stipend
  • A lot of deemed universities are even better from a few government colleges in case of infrastructure and latest equipments.
So in the end if you have a great budget and financial backup to support yourself, you can surely go for deemed university.

What to look for While Choosing a Deemed University?

Here are a following points to check while choosing deemed university

  • What is the daily OPD of the college you are going to enroll for your future MDS seat?
  • What type of cases will you be able to do?
  • Is there any internal politics?
  • Do you get enough clinical exposure to learn something new?
  • What stipend will you get?
  • What all equipments does the college have?
  • Is there any material shortage?
  • Do you have to pay any hidden material charges?
  • Are there sufficient PG guides?
  • Are you able to get exposure for the latest technology?

If you are able to answer most of these questions, you can surely go for a deemed university.

There are also a few things you should check for while opting for a particular college.

  • How much money I am investing for MDS?
  • When will i recover this money?
  • If after my MDS, will i get consultations?
  • After my MDS, if i have to start my own clinic, will i have necessary budget?
  • Am i doing my MDS on loan?
  • If i am on loan how will i pay my installments?

If you can answer the above questions. Go for it.

Wish you all the best for your MDS.

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